For Dad, Love Joanna

JoannaMy Dad was a very talented and kind man, no doubt, as those of you that knew him can attest to. And those of you that didn’t have that opportunity must certainly know this by now, if you knew any one of his family or anyone at all that who knew him.

There were very few quick conversations with him… it wasn’t the gift of gab, but rather an artful eloquence together with such an interest in people – in bringing out your absolute best – that was so inspiring. You would walk away after every chat with Dad with such confidence, optimism, enthusiasm.

You can imagine the impact that has on a young adolescent girl – and a grown woman as well.

It has been a very difficult few years as his ability to communicate was stolen from the disease. But I have been thankful every day that I had every last minute with him, as Alzheimer’s couldn’t steel his smile, his sweet, gentle, loving and playful smile – his trademark.

I’d like to share a poem that Dad gave me on my graduation…

Fragile future,

Marvelous mystery,

Frightening yet alluring too,

Beckoning you with crooked finger,

Faceless does it threaten to,

The past has touched with tragic moments,

Yet only great feelings lead to strong rewards.

So look ahead with hope an love,

Endure the tough, the disheartening,

For in the quest there is satisfaction,

In the accomplishment, exultation.

Live all, see all, feel all, experience everything,

For therein one finds truth and self. 

Love Dad

Read by Dusty’s daughter Joanna Sherblom at Dusty’s Memorial Service 



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