Dear Dusty

We will miss you in body, we are with you in spirit, celebrating and honoring your life.

November 9, 1927-February 16, 2016

Love Dusty, Karen, Kelly, Joanna, Bobby


2 thoughts on “Dear Dusty

  1. Dusty was a very special man. He was one of the highest character people I have ever know. He took me under his wings and mentored me for many years. He always called or stopped by for dinner or lunch when he was driving through Orlando and when possible the two of us would play a round of golf.

    Dusty was always an inspiration to me. He was a father figure who always had my best interest at heart. He took me into his home when I visited him in Boston. He leaves a hole in my heart and leaves me with great sadness but I am a better person because of Dusty. I know he impacted so many others the same way he impacted me.

    Dusty was just a great person!


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