For My Grandfather, Love Ben

IBirthday 1985’m sure that most of the people in this room here today know what a SOLID example of man my grandfather was, and hold in their heart what he meant to each and every one of us. I know that I’m very lucky to have had such great memories that are a reminder of what he meant to me, and likely everyone else here. As one of his many grandchildren in the big family that he helped produce, I’m sure that our “Grampy”, as we knew him, left an imprint on all of us of his great character. Whether you wanted it or not, he was always there to set an example; to teach you a lesson that he learned earlier in life…….

Modesty.. morality.. wisdom.. teaching.. sacrifice… …OK maybe COLOR-BLINDNESS is the only thing that rubbed off on me… But there were so many things about him that truly affected my life and, I’m sure, so many others. Grampy really brought warmth and tenderness to all of us. The overwhelming joy that I witnessed in him upon holding his first great-grandchild, my daughter Alaina, seemed to bring tears to both of our eyes. He is EXACTLY the grandfather that any person should have. From when I was a little kid working at the local candy store, he showed such an interest in my job and prospects, providing that feeling that I was always doing something meaningful, and forever building my work-ethic. I never saw him lose his cool; He had that way about him.

Probably 16 years old, and at the height of my rebellion, I’d be asked by Grampy respectfully for my “help” to teach him how to use his computer and projector so he could give his presentations more effectively. Of course, Grampy was the only person on the entire planet at the time that I respected too much to let see how much of a punk I’d become… As I’d happily oblige, he’d let me “teach” him, while surreptitiously dropping his knowledge and advice upon me, in a time of obvious need. He even let me drive Grammy’s car out on the “turnpike” with my permit, although I think I may have been a better driver than him at the time.

I’ll always remember him carrying me on his back, literally, to the “rock” at Laurel Lake, and how it made me feel like I was the only kid on the earth that was worth a damn. I’ll always remember him taking me and my later-to-be wife to the Harvard Club and lending me his suit jacket… that I was swimming in throughout dinner. I’ll always remember bowling and watching him golf at DCPC… while he tried like heck to get me into that boring sport. I’ll always remember getting my first original Nintendo from him, but not because of what it was, but who it was coming from. Most of all, it is not just the specific times I’ll remember, but the overall great example he set for me.

Read at Dusty’s memorial service by his eldest grandson, Benjamin Sherblom


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